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Very Retro inspired, but still original.

This game has such a nice feel like many quality indie games that are very inspired by retro games of the past, but still are original in the gameplay and design, so it doesnt feel like everything is stolen. The theme is that colorful Mexican folk inspired with a dash of geometric design. Many nods to some platforms and springs from games of the past, but the main character has some jump physics all its own. Music is also everything youve come to love from chip-tunes, with hints that its been mixed with modern sounds. Ive been on the longest procrastination to buy this App, but remembering the tons of recommendations from reputable App review sites I trust, I cant help to say they were so right. Keep up the fantastic work that blends everything beautiful of 80 and 90s games from Japan and westernize it into a modern App Store game. My sombreros off to you.


Difficult but fair, good controls, fantastic music, and cute graphics. Highly recommended!

Cool Mario like

With some extra depth

Très sympa

Graphisme mignon, très maniable

Interesting level design

Music and sounds are absolutely terrible. The game itself is very good. Visual style could be less infantile.

Great Sequel

Just what I wanted from a sequel. Thanks Kumobius!

Way more enjoyable...

Then a touch screen platform we should be. The music will get in your head in particular.

Great sequel!

Just like the first instalment, this game has a great soundtrack, has well designed levels, and is beautifully polished. Most importantly, it is a fun game.

Perfect little platformer

Super crisp and colourful art and sound. It is just a real joy to play.

So fun!

Very fun except for that getting the levels down with the minimum amount of bounces in nearly impossible! I have been playing for a while and can get silver but never gold.


Really fun and as a good seaqual

Buy this game totally worth $3

I dont care if the music is just a repeating remix it is awesome. I beat this game 100% and I can say I cant wait form more stages to come out!!!(ninja power up looks awesome!) keep up the great work!

Awesome game! :)

Its a really fun game to play :)


Great game, had tons of fun with it!

Genius Game!

One of the best iOS games in a long time! If you dont like it, youre wrong!


This game is F-U-N. I really don’t know what more you could ask for. It’s fantastic.


Reminiscent of the Mario franchise, cute graphics, and a great way to pass the time. I love it!


This game is perfectly done


This game is awesome! It has great graphics, music, and gameplay. I cant find something I dont like with it.


Its my favorite game

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