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Bean Dreams app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 2000 ratings )
Games Entertainment Action Adventure
Developer: Kumobius
2.99 USD
Current version: 4.4, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 03 Dec 2014
App size: 71.29 Mb

Get ready for the mobile platformer that literally plays like a dream.

Bean Dreams is an action-packed platformer from the dream team that brought you Duet and Bean’s Quest.

Its deceptively simple interface keeps you in complete control while all-new game features, gorgeous retina graphics, funky music and 60 stages will bounce you to new heights!

5/5 - Touch Arcade
5/5 - Gamezebo
5/5 - App Advice

"One of those games I love so much its hard to express properly in words." -- Touch Arcade

"Bean Dreams is basically Super Mario for your iPhone." -- The Verge

"A must-have for your iOS device" -- App Advice

"Stands toe to toe with anything from arcade gamings golden age." -- Gamezebo

"The best thing about Bean Dreams, though, is the tightness in its design." -- 148 Apps

"Outstanding Level Design." -- Apple n Apps


We distilled the platformer genre to its most pure element -- jumping -- and built a modern user interface that taps into the heart of that. Just touch left or touch right… it couldn’t be simpler!


Over 70 hand-crafted stages await you across 13 unique dreamy worlds. Every world has a specific, gorgeous art-style and soundtrack from acclaimed composer Flashygoodness.

- Backflip off enemies and launch yourself from springs in the Fortune Forest!
- Dive and swim through the aqueducts of the Bath House!
- Find the magic chilli and unleash your full power in the Beach Bazaar!


Forget ‘speed runs’... get ready for ‘jump pars’. You can complete stages in a minimum number of jumps to earn bronze, silver and gold medals. When you finish a stage your jumps will be tallied up so every jump will count -- literally!


Either locked away, hard to reach or hidden in a secret passage… your pet axolotls are scattered across your dreams! There’s one in each stage to be found and some fruit to feed them too!


Using beautiful graphical effects we subtly enhance the visuals and push the pixel retina limits of the latest devices while intelligently easing everything back for earlier devices. The result is a consistent 60 frames per second thats crucial for the best gaming experience. Supports iPhone 3GS, iPad 1st generation, iPod 3rd generation and above.


- Full iCloud support - sync your progress across all your devices.
- Universal App - play on your new iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini.
- Compete with Game Center on the jump par leaderboards.
- Full MFi controller support.


Bean’s Quest started our studio’s journey in the world of games. We made three games over three years and we came a long way. With Bean Dreams we have come full circle, revisiting our first game world and pouring into it everything we have learned about mobile game design; it’s a massive new adventure for everyone.


Say we’d love to hear from you! And follow us on Twitter: @kumobius

Pros and cons of Bean Dreams app for iPhone and iPad

Bean Dreams app good for

This game has such a nice feel like many quality indie games that are very inspired by retro games of the past, but still are original in the gameplay and design, so it doesnt feel like everything is stolen. The theme is that colorful Mexican folk inspired with a dash of geometric design. Many nods to some platforms and springs from games of the past, but the main character has some jump physics all its own. Music is also everything youve come to love from chip-tunes, with hints that its been mixed with modern sounds. Ive been on the longest procrastination to buy this App, but remembering the tons of recommendations from reputable App review sites I trust, I cant help to say they were so right. Keep up the fantastic work that blends everything beautiful of 80 and 90s games from Japan and westernize it into a modern App Store game. My sombreros off to you.
Difficult but fair, good controls, fantastic music, and cute graphics. Highly recommended!
Music and sounds are absolutely terrible. The game itself is very good. Visual style could be less infantile.
Then a touch screen platform we should be. The music will get in your head in particular.
Just like the first instalment, this game has a great soundtrack, has well designed levels, and is beautifully polished. Most importantly, it is a fun game.
Super crisp and colourful art and sound. It is just a real joy to play.

Some bad moments

Most fun Ive had on a phone game ever! Its fun with a bit of a challenge but without the frustration of a lot of those other downloads that try to be like a full console game. Its perfect for passing short periods of time!
Bean Dreams had been an enjoyable sequel to Beans Quest but my only complaint was that it was far too easy. With this latest (free!) update I am happy to say that I now have zero complaints. The controls are fantastic, the physics work perfectly and the level design is fun. Its still not quite as challenging to clear as Beans Quest, but with the frequent updates and ramped up difficulty for those of us that want a challenge in clearing it all, Bean Dreams is now a solidly 5 star app. Keep the updates (and increased difficulty) coming!
This game is a lot of fun. The art style and music is wonderful!
Im only going to give this game four stars because on every level there is a required number of jumps to get gold, silver, bronze. But in Bath House level 5 "aqueducts" the required is 4 jumps but I was able to somehow get 1 on that level.
Bean Dreams is really fun and entertaining. I love the graphics, the gameplay, pretty much everything!! It can be challenging at some points, so dont be fooled by the colors and cute characters. Id recommend this game to anyone, especially fans of Mario and platform gamers!
This game is really fun and easy to pick up. The music is superb.

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