Bean Dreams Recenzje App

Jedna z lepszych gier na iOS

Polecam! Gra wciągająca, przyjemna, z ładną oprawą graficzną. Ciagle przybywa kolejnych darmowych poziomów. Brak ukrytych in-app puchase. Nic tylko kupować :)


Najlepsza platformówka na mobila Multum leveli i ciagle przybywa nowych Brać!


You have recognized an endangered species. Great job! Also, bean’s quest is better.

So cute😛

Been dreams is like a lot of fun is the Best game I had in my life and it’s hilarious I hope you support to me BYE😅 And one more thing I had it on my last iPad I hope It’s the big time for been Dreamers If you got me My favorite game Boo the world cuties dog In the world😍and I what a Got some games I hate Taking Angela is the best Game on my Dads PHONE!!!!😚😚😝🤨😎And also I sing been dreams SONGS!!!!!????? Hey guys do you have MY favorite movie 🍿 is bolt from Walt Disney world 🗺




Bean dreams is SO fun! I love to have new challenges, like trying to only jump twice or three times. I would recommend it to someone if they like a challenge.

Para cuando los demás sueños??

Llevo tiempo esperando que agreguen más niveles, es muy buen juego pero sigo esperando los demás sueños

Not Fun

Horribly difficult. Difficult controls. Frustrating waste of $$.



Help! No sounds on iPad

My daughter loves it! We have Beans Quest on iPad so we paid and downloaded Beans Dreams but ran into a problem, No sounds working at all! So the sound doesn't work on iPad but it does work on our android phones, she's happy! iPad doesn't work with sound, our daughter would be crying for sounds .. Please help!!!

Great game

Everything you want in a mobile game and more. I feel that this game would pair well with a level creator.

A favorite

I don’t play many games. But this one takes the cake.

Really cute

Graphics amazballs and super cute 😍

Game is awesome

Game is best gone I've ever played


I love this game!

One of my favorite iOS games

This game is like the first game "Beans Quest," which I decided to finish before starting this one, but way better. Like nearly everything is better. Despite not finishing yet, I also hope for new stages soon.


This game is truly one of the best. Its clean retro feel is to die for. It is a Great game and worth $2.50. I would highly recommend it!



Major time consumer😺😺😺😺😺

This game is the best time consumer I ever had I recommend this to anybody who loves a colorful game with cute characters

Jumping bean

Run little Bean. Jump little Bean. Smile player.

Great game

Love the music.Love the levels.And love the graphics.

Music is fantastic

The game is good but i absolutely love the music! This game is a quality game that reminds me of the nintendo days

Amazing bean dreams

Bean dreams is awesome why because it is a little obstacle course and the little bean goes on also you have to earn points to get on new levels


I love this game for its colorful content and amazing adventures, at first the game can be a little tricky but once you get used to it its a wonderful game!!!

My son is a maverick at this game and loves it!!

My son loves this game! We had to get Bean Quest for our computer so that he can play their similar game on his PC. When they added more dreams my son was elated and played it right away. Thank you developers of Bean Dreams please add more dreams!!!

One of the best

I'm so happy that Bean's Quest has returned in a new game! I loved that game so much, and now with this shinier version with more features, my love has been reacquainted. If you love a challenge, play this very well designed game!

Best Game Ever

This game is like a dream come true. 😃😃

Game is not so good.

This is a racist game…What are they going to make next a watermelon with an Afro and call it afromelon? Or maybe a buck toothed red necked duck??


Not so cool


That's really all there is to say on the matter


It's fun and definetely worth the price. A level editor and a share option would be awsome.

Great game, gorgeous soundtrack

I normally don't write reviews, but this game deserves it. The pixel art is charming, the controls are responsive, and the soundtrack seems ripped from a GBA-era Nintendo game. Love it!!

Non Bias Review

Hello! This game, at its core, is a platformer, but there is so much more, even if you aren't used to platformers, I'm not used to platformers, but this is a game you can get a grasp on quite easily. But the best feature of the game, besides it's fun graphics, smart controls, and wide variety of level themes, is that it has something for everything, whether you are a completionist, or play just to finish. Overall, this is a fun game, and I'd give 4/5, because along with the variety of levels, they are difficult, and cause some people to "rage quit" half way into their play through, other than that, a great game to pickup and play, worth the cash, or if there is still an offer going on, it's worth it.

This reminds me of the DS games before the 3DS

This game is really good that's all I need to say

Delightful little time waster

...With a soundtrack that gets stuck in your head and levels that are both fun and challenging. Plus it doesn't pester you with incessant requests to buy gold coins to make your bean jump higher or get a different hat or whatever. Quite refreshing.



Great Fun

This game is great fun, especially for those of us whose gaming days may be behind us. It is not an easy game to play, but does not take forever to get up to speed.

I concur

Good game - def spent some hours hopping these little beans around. Don't regret it, either.

Great game, keeps getting better

The basic mechanics are super simple, but the levels are still incredibly fun and clever. The frequent updates keep me coming back. Fantastic!

Amazing game

This is really fun to play over and over. It's simple, challenging, beautifully designed. No freemium bs. Definitely worth a buy.

Classic Goodness

Who needs a genesis when you've got Bean Dreams?

Amazing Game

I have gotten all the challenges on every level as of now I love this game. It's great if you are just waiting on something real quick or if you want to sit down and play for hours on end. If you are looking for an easy game the levels themselves aren't very hard but if you are looking for a challenge try to get the optional objectives. The one thing I would say they could improve is adding levels more because it's such a good game I just want to play more.


This game is so amazing I just love it... In a 1/2shell turtle power!

The Best thing here.

why play anything else. it's the best.

Super addictive fun!

So excited for the new levels!

God game

The content never stops coming. I love you guys

Fun and lots to do


Yay update!

This is honestly such a fun game, I just wish they updated more frequently with new levels.

Great Game!!!

Love it


Oh my gosh!!!!!! This is a great game. Fun and simple. Fun for vacations and other times your away from home. I beat every level and got gold medals for all and now that there's new levels more stuff to play!!! I'm so excited!!!

The Best Beans Ever!

This is seriously the best game I have on my phone. I've downloaded a lot of games and this one is seriously the best. I eagerly await each update and that is the only downside, the updates just can't come fast enough for this fantastic bean based adventure!

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